Angela has great amount of knowledge about Pilates, anatomy, and the way the body moves. She was able to share this knowledge with us with ease during the class. She kept the class fun but structured , as individual I wouldn’t say Pilates was my thing how ever after Angela`s class it became my focus and I have Angela to thank for this. If you want to learn and be pushed her class is the place to be, however she is very understanding on everyone’s ability Zara V Clark

When I first started going to Angie's classes I was recovering from Breast Cancer treatment. Chemo turns your muscle to fat. Consequently you need more energy to carry out every day tasks and so you feel really tired and put on weight. Within a month of going to Angie's classes I was stronger, fitter and I dropped a dress size. I'm nearly back to my old size 8. I've been doing Pilates for years but I've never seen such results in terms of strength and toning. Angie is a consummate professional, she pushes you hard and best of all she's great fun! I love her classes of Matwork & Reformer. Katie Byrne-Weir

I never really like the idea of going to the gym and never really saw myself as someone who could enjoy exercise but I loved every minute of Pilates with Angie! She was fun, supportive and explained everything in detail, clearly, and with passion! Lizzie Shade
Ex 6th Form Student

I took part of Angie's barre classes. As I had not participated in any barre classes before, I was really surprised how nice teaching strategies and thought-through planning she used. She is a very professional barre instructor with patience and determination. Always very hands-on, takes into account one's physique and needs. I really enjoyed the classes. Ene Jalakas

Thank you for introducing me to this amazing fitness regime. I am more toned and balanced through pilates than I have ever been. She is a talented and patient instructor. Debbie Miller

Angie's passion for Pilates and commitment to getting you fit is second to none. Her classes are fun but challenging and she knows just how to push you to the right level. Despite the fact I have always been into exercise her classes have given me the most change to my body and it's been the most enjoyable to do!! Candice Morris

I have been doing Pilates for 4 years, with several instructors and different experiences. I had a great experience with Angie. I took Angie’s class in Dubai for more than 6 months. Angie takes you through the journey of explaining the rationale behind the moves and the workout, she explains the impact on your body and muscles. This helps instill the thinking which makes the workout better and more enjoyable, and it also stays with you even if you change instructors over time. For new joiners, she makes sure she explains the basics and progresses the workout over time. She is also fun and funny, and creates a positive air through the workout. I really enjoyed her classes, learned a lot and toned up very well ☺ Marwa Khairalla